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Point of Sale System

Rawlplug Point of Sale innovation

Choosing the right fixings can be a daunting process. With hundreds of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from, how can your customers be confident they’ve made the right choice? That’s why the RAWLPLUG POS offers expert support. It guides your customers to make the right choice every time.


Our market-leading solutions already stand out from the crowd. With new, complete wholesale and retail display systems, it is even easier for our customers to reach for RAWLPLUG. Our customers know the value of stocking our products. Having world-renowned brands prominently displayed is essential to convincing shoppers of the value of the store’s entire product range. As a household name, RAWLPLUGis one such product. It is a quality guarantee for end customers and a mark of distinction for retail and wholesale outlets.

Our new, comprehensive POS Essentials help our customers to put the RAWLPLUG brand on display. Not only that, we have designed these merchandising solutions with some great features:


Colour coding

There’s a different colour for each substrate. So your customers can go straight to the right fixings and tools for their particular job.

Product descriptions

A few carefully chosen words tell customers which product is right for which job.

Installation guides

Simple pictures and step-by-step instructions tell customers exactly what to do.

QR Technology

Customers scan a QR code to watch videos on their smartphones and pick up expert tips.

Standard display

Provides a ready-solution, complete with a suggested product range and all necessary communication. We make it easy for retailers to get started.

Flexible display

Designed to fit any space, all our POS solutions are modular and can be built around the needs and layout of the store.

Special features

We’ve augmented the displays with Rawlplug bags and boxes for a full-service customer experience.

Going green

We’re also introducing ecological packaging as we push for a sustainable ecosystem.

Find out more about Rawlplug POS components, labelling and packaging. Additionally take a look at our POS Essentials offer to see how your retail or wholesale outlet can partner with Rawlplug to create something great.